Five of my recent poems (“page 123”, “violets”, “poverty”, “page 140” and “requiem for dark kerosene”) have been e-published on the poetry journal blog – Eviscerator Heaven


in the bald glare
of the seafood aisle

caskets of fish
with their silver
geometries of skin

not unlike
cocteau’s sinuous
sparkle of dreams
curved into tribes
of ancient bone music

not unlike
and the slaughtered gray
half-light of war

One of my poems has been accepted to be in the April/May 2010 Tupelo Press Poetry Project Journal which will be published electronically sometime in May.

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Three of my poems have been published in a chapbook, along with the poetry of nine other poets, which is for sale at Amazon.com for $10 (of which I get no proceeds). Here is the Amazon link – “2nd Annual NAZIM HIKMET POETRY FESTIVAL


streaks yesterday
across sloped shoulders
white / white dry sky
casting still warm diagonal yellow

your shapely bones
exhale broken shards of sun
every sweetness
you are ancient language
writ with sky

One of my poems from almost a year ago, just published online here –